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RF gradient solution

Our company specializes in the research, development, production and sales of RF systems for MR systems. Our products cover the entire RF link of MRI, including: RF amplifiers, RF switches, transmitter coils, receiver coils, RF front-ends, gradient coils, gradient amplifiers , gradient power and so on.

Our company provides related products from 0.1T~7T. Uses cover clinical examination, pharmacological research, rock detection, functional imaging and other fields.

Our company offers a full range of receiving coils from single channel to 32 channel coils. Our company's products cover all inspection parts of the human body, including: head coils, body coils, neck coils, knee joint coils, shoulder joint coils, wrist coils, breast coils, and ankle coils. And for the study of the carotid coil, prostate coil, animal coil and so on. Our company can also customize special-purpose coils for customers according to customer needs.

Our company's RF power amplifiers include 2KW, 6KW, 12K, and 18KW.

Our gradient power amplifiers include the GPA-3022 and GPA-1513 series.

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